I Hate Zombie Pop Stars. Popstar Physics (Save Toshi 2) for iPhone and iPad Review

Try out Popstar Physics (Save Toshi 2) by Mashak Eng – nitako for iPhone and iPad.

The goal of the the game is to throw tennis balls into objects.  The objects fall and crush the zombie popstars.  The puzzles increase in difficulty as you progress.  You need to rotate the screen and throw the balls from multiple angles in order to solve them all.

If you get in trouble the game can give you hints.

It’s free for a limited time so check it out.



Angry Birds Fan? Try Cometkaze for iPhone

Cometkaze is a new app for the iPhone by Total Integrated Mobile.  It features angry birds like gameplay and great sound effects.

You launch your comet in an effort to collect as many stars as possible.  The goal is to end up flying into the black hole after collecting the stars.  Later levels add planets and objects to the field which add gravity and affect the path of the comet.  You have to be careful not to crash into these objects.  If you get off course you can press the skull and crossbones button in the corner to self destruct.  You get three comets/trys for each level.

The levels increase in difficulty as you progress.

It’s worth checking out, so give it a try.




What is the best screen protector for the iPhone? Answer: phonedevil Magic Screen

I have gone through many screen protectors since I bought my first iPhone.  Usually screen protectors have problems with dust, bubbles, alignment, and picture distortion.  The only protector I’ve liked so far is the phonedevil Magic Screen Crystal Clear edition.

Each package comes with one or two screen protectors.  With some of the 3 packs from competitors, I ended up wasting the first one or two.  I’ve never had trouble putting on this screen protector correctly.  The screen protectors seem to be cut with a much higher precision that leaves little room for error.

Installation involves three steps:

Moisten the cloth slightly with water.  Buff out all of the finger prints and dust from the screen.  This may take a few minutes, but you must get it perfect or there will be bubbles later.

Pull the yellow tab, peel off the back of the screen protector slightly, expose only the back corner.  Line up the corner with the screen and peel the rest off.  The screen protector should now be on the screen.  If you see any dust you missed, lift the protector slightly and rebuff the area.

Using the provided card, wipe any bubbles to the edge of the screen to remove them.  There is still a protective layer on top of the screen to prevent scratching the screen protector.  When there are no more bubbles left, pull the blue tab to remove the final layer.

The screen protectors look perfect and you can’t feel them when you swipe the screen.  I’ve installed both the 3G/3GS version and the iPhone 4 version.



Dungeon Solitaire for iPhone and iPad Review Paid App

Check out Dungeon Solitaire by Griptonite Games.  It is an addicting fantasy card game.  I ended up playing it for four hours last night.  The premise of the game is that a dungeon is under siege by monsters.  The heroes of the realm must band together to fend them off.

Cards are drawn at random from the deck.  The goal of the game is to prevent the monsters from filling up the left side of the board and overflowing into the dungeon.  There are hero cards, monster cards, and modifiers. Each card has a fight value, a magic value, and a tie breaker value.  Cards battle when placed across from each other.  A card wins if it has both higher fight and magic values.  Otherwise it is a tie.

There are tie breaker icons underneath the magic values.  An upward arrow means the opposing card will move up a slot in case of a tie.  A downward arrow does the opposite.   A skull means the opposing card will be destroyed.  Other tie breakers exist.

Modifier cards can be placed on heroes to give them more power.

The cards are well very well illustrated.

Fire Wyrm Archmage

Killing a monster gets you gold.  You win the game by filling the right side with heroes and then drawing a sixth hero card.  You can compete online through openfeint or the gamecenter to see who can get the highest score.

Dungeon Solitaire is a .99 cent app.  There are also expansion packs you can purchase in the game for more cards.  I was able to find some free expansion pack codes from this thread.
Curious Elixirs – (164-209-433)
Cackling Kobolds – (325-676-793)
Casual Magician – (031-062-023)

There should be 131 total cards with all the current expansions.



Measure your pulse on your Android or iPhone with Instant Heart Rate

Have you ever exercised and needed to know if you’re in the target heart rate zone?  Well here’s an easy and free way to do it.  Try Instant Heart Rate for android or iPhone.

All you have to do is place your index finger under the lens of the phone’s camera and it will measure your pulse.  It works best on phones that have a led flash.  I tested it both on the iPhone 4 and the Droid X and it seemed accurate.


You can upgrade to the paid version for $.99 if you want to keep a history and activity log.  This could be useful if you are tracking the progress of an exercise program like P90X and want to see if you are reaching an overall lower resting heart rate.


Cinepuzzle for iPhone and iPad Review

I just spent some time playing cinepuzzle by Stueur + Weil.

Cinepuzzle is a tile based puzzle game.  It takes short clips of video, breaks them into 12 tiles, and randomly distributes them.  You have to reassemble the picture by swapping the tiles. It comes free with a Tron Legacy based theme that has a good soundtrack from the movie.

The video on each tile repeats while you’re solving the puzzle.  The motion makes the puzzle harder.  It gets even more difficult later when you have to rotate the tiles.  You can unlock more puzzle modes by completing series of puzzles in a limited amount of time.

There are demos of four other puzzles. You can purchase full version puzzles from within the app.  If you’re looking for a fun game that tests your spatial memory this is a good choice.



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