Angry Birds Fan? Try Cometkaze for iPhone

Cometkaze is a new app for the iPhone by Total Integrated Mobile.  It features angry birds like gameplay and great sound effects.

You launch your comet in an effort to collect as many stars as possible.  The goal is to end up flying into the black hole after collecting the stars.  Later levels add planets and objects to the field which add gravity and affect the path of the comet.  You have to be careful not to crash into these objects.  If you get off course you can press the skull and crossbones button in the corner to self destruct.  You get three comets/trys for each level.

The levels increase in difficulty as you progress.

It’s worth checking out, so give it a try.




  1. Kevin Masterson says:


    I love this game!

  2. Bob says:

    It has a unique gameplay that is very addicting.

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