What is the best screen protector for the iPhone? Answer: phonedevil Magic Screen

I have gone through many screen protectors since I bought my first iPhone.  Usually screen protectors have problems with dust, bubbles, alignment, and picture distortion.  The only protector I’ve liked so far is the phonedevil Magic Screen Crystal Clear edition.

Each package comes with one or two screen protectors.  With some of the 3 packs from competitors, I ended up wasting the first one or two.  I’ve never had trouble putting on this screen protector correctly.  The screen protectors seem to be cut with a much higher precision that leaves little room for error.

Installation involves three steps:

Moisten the cloth slightly with water.  Buff out all of the finger prints and dust from the screen.  This may take a few minutes, but you must get it perfect or there will be bubbles later.

Pull the yellow tab, peel off the back of the screen protector slightly, expose only the back corner.  Line up the corner with the screen and peel the rest off.  The screen protector should now be on the screen.  If you see any dust you missed, lift the protector slightly and rebuff the area.

Using the provided card, wipe any bubbles to the edge of the screen to remove them.  There is still a protective layer on top of the screen to prevent scratching the screen protector.  When there are no more bubbles left, pull the blue tab to remove the final layer.

The screen protectors look perfect and you can’t feel them when you swipe the screen.  I’ve installed both the 3G/3GS version and the iPhone 4 version.


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