Dungeon Solitaire for iPhone and iPad Review Paid App

Check out Dungeon Solitaire by Griptonite Games.  It is an addicting fantasy card game.  I ended up playing it for four hours last night.  The premise of the game is that a dungeon is under siege by monsters.  The heroes of the realm must band together to fend them off.

Cards are drawn at random from the deck.  The goal of the game is to prevent the monsters from filling up the left side of the board and overflowing into the dungeon.  There are hero cards, monster cards, and modifiers. Each card has a fight value, a magic value, and a tie breaker value.  Cards battle when placed across from each other.  A card wins if it has both higher fight and magic values.  Otherwise it is a tie.

There are tie breaker icons underneath the magic values.  An upward arrow means the opposing card will move up a slot in case of a tie.  A downward arrow does the opposite.   A skull means the opposing card will be destroyed.  Other tie breakers exist.

Modifier cards can be placed on heroes to give them more power.

The cards are well very well illustrated.

Fire Wyrm Archmage

Killing a monster gets you gold.  You win the game by filling the right side with heroes and then drawing a sixth hero card.  You can compete online through openfeint or the gamecenter to see who can get the highest score.

Dungeon Solitaire is a .99 cent app.  There are also expansion packs you can purchase in the game for more cards.  I was able to find some free expansion pack codes from this thread.
Curious Elixirs – (164-209-433)
Cackling Kobolds – (325-676-793)
Casual Magician – (031-062-023)

There should be 131 total cards with all the current expansions.


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