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Mobile Software Developer from Minnesota.

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I Hate Zombie Pop Stars. Popstar Physics (Save Toshi 2) for iPhone and iPad Review

Try out Popstar Physics (Save Toshi 2) by Mashak Eng – nitako for iPhone and iPad. The goal of the the game is to throw tennis balls into objects.  The objects fall and crush the zombie popstars.  The puzzles increase in difficulty as you progress.  You need to rotate the screen and throw the balls …

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Angry Birds Fan? Try Cometkaze for iPhone

Cometkaze is a new app for the iPhone by Total Integrated Mobile.  It features angry birds like gameplay and great sound effects. You launch your comet in an effort to collect as many stars as possible.  The goal is to end up flying into the black hole after collecting the stars.  Later levels add planets …

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What is the best screen protector for the iPhone? Answer: phonedevil Magic Screen

I have gone through many screen protectors since I bought my first iPhone.  Usually screen protectors have problems with dust, bubbles, alignment, and picture distortion.  The only protector I’ve liked so far is the phonedevil Magic Screen Crystal Clear edition. Each package comes with one or two screen protectors.  With some of the 3 packs …

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Dungeon Solitaire for iPhone and iPad Review Paid App

Check out Dungeon Solitaire by Griptonite Games.  It is an addicting fantasy card game.  I ended up playing it for four hours last night.  The premise of the game is that a dungeon is under siege by monsters.  The heroes of the realm must band together to fend them off. Cards are drawn at random …

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Measure your pulse on your Android or iPhone with Instant Heart Rate

Have you ever exercised and needed to know if you’re in the target heart rate zone?  Well here’s an easy and free way to do it.  Try Instant Heart Rate for android or iPhone. All you have to do is place your index finger under the lens of the phone’s camera and it will measure …

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Cinepuzzle for iPhone and iPad Review

I just spent some time playing cinepuzzle by Stueur + Weil. Cinepuzzle is a tile based puzzle game.  It takes short clips of video, breaks them into 12 tiles, and randomly distributes them.  You have to reassemble the picture by swapping the tiles. It comes free with a Tron Legacy based theme that has a …

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