Host a static website on the cheap with Amazon S3.

I recently made a simple website for my father’s law practice  Amazon S3 now allows you to define a bucket as a static website.  S3 charges about .14 cents per gigabyte of storage and transfer.  The first 1gb of bandwidth out is free, and they charge 1 cent per 10,000 get requests, so you could theoretically host your site for 2-3 cents per month.

To set up your site, name your bucket the same name as your subdomain.  Ex: the bucket name I used was  This step is important because it will say your bucket is missing later if it doesn’t have the same name as the subdomain.  In the amazon s3 console, right click on the properties of the bucket and enable the bucket as a website.  I typed in index.html as my index file. They will generate an endpoint url for your site Ex:  Upload your files to the bucket and make them public.

I then setup a cname dns entry to point to the endpoint.  I’ll explain how I did it with godaddy.  Under “My Account” click on the domain name.  Launch the dns manager.  Under the www entry, add the endpoint domain Ex:  Then save.

Then go back and click on the domain name again.  Under forwarding, click the manage link.  Change it so that the site is forwarded to  Then when people type your url without the www it will be forwarded to the correct place.

Besides being cheap, files stored in s3 are stored redundantly and are unlikely to be lost.  S3 also handles heavy traffic loads well.


Did you pass your driver’s license exam? Car Park Challenge for iPhone and iPad Review

This game might bring back bad memories from drivers ed.  Race against the clock in Car Park Challenge to find your parking spot.  Don’t be late or crash too much along the way.

The controls are simple, you can turn left or right and drive reverse or forward.  You will crash into other cars at first.

Get to the parking spot before time runs out.  You must park between the dotted lines.

The game is good for about ~45 or more of play.  It is challenging.  You will often run out of time before getting to the parking spot safely.  There are some logos for the NRMA insurance company that produced the game on some of the screens.





68 Cardinals vs. 98 Cubs? Double Down Baseball for iPhone and iPad Review

Double Down Baseball is a simulation game based on baseball statistics.  Play your favorite teams from their best years.  It was produced by Crowd Evolve.

A combination of strategy and card statistics determines the outcome of each play.  You can select your running, pitching, and hitting strategies.  The strategy you select has different chances of succeeding based on the stats of the player that year.

You can touch the red tabs to view the chances of success under each strategy.

If the odds aren’t in your favor, select the green double down chip to increase them.  You get one chip for each inning.

It’s an interesting concept, especially if your are a baseball fan.  The paid version (in app purchase) has a wider variety of teams and years.



Race your Penguin! Penguin Snowcap Challenge Lite Review for iPhone iPad and Android

Did you ever play Mario64 for N64? Do you remember racing the penguin? Well this game might bring back memories. Penguin Snowcap Challenge Lite by WaveCrest Entertainment lets you race your penguin against the toughest robot penguins you’ve ever seen.

Tilt the phone to control the direction of the penguin.  Grab fish to go faster.

Take first or second place in the race to unlock up to 3 levels in the lite version.  There is a .99 cent paid version that has 16 levels.

The gameplay is fun so check it out.



Time to kick the monkey! MonkeyKick for iPhone and iPad Review

See how far you can kick the monkey with MonkeyKick, a free game by Break Media.

Tap the monkey once to stop him climbing the poll.  Watch the flames rise until your power level is perfect, then tap the screen again to kick the monkey.

Your goal is to get him to land in the pond.  He can bounce of buildings and objects along the way.

Kick the monkey onto the cart of fireworks to send him flying.

The game has some interesting levels.  It’s free so kick the monkey!


Run Run Dash! Game for iPhone and iPad Review

For some quick fun, try out Run Run Dash! for iPhone and iPad by Glow Play, Inc. It’s an arcade style game where you have to dodge diving birds.  Tap the screen once to run a little.  Tap the screen quickly twice to dash.  The game has NES style sprites and sound effects.  The goal is to avoid as many birds as possible for as long as you can.

There are power ups you can collect to make the game easier.

It’s good for an hour of fun or so.  Try it out.

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